Lonely Bouquet

Every week we leave a ‘lonely bouquet’ somewhere in the East Grinstead area for a passerby to find and take home. We love to spread the flowery love and hope that the blooms make someone’s day. We hear back from the bouquet’s adoptive parents sometimes and it always makes us smile!

Keep your eyes peeled for an Ivy Florence Lonely Bouquet….



“Hello my name is Jess and I work in the Dorset Arms in East Grinstead. I have just helped out a man and he said he would repay me somehow. About 5 minutes later he walked back in with these flowers for me! They are very lovely and I would just like to say thank you very much and they are now on display here.”


“Thank you so much! What a clever & generous idea. The bouquet helps me celebrate my daughters birthday & I brought a new car today! Will use you next time I need to send flowers.”


“Look what Charlotte M has just picked up in EG. Thank you so much Ivy Florence Flowers! 💐 Act of Kindness!”


“Hello, myself and my son were out walking today in Lingfield, we walked past the pond and found the most beautiful flowers with a note saying to take them, the thing is, my mums name was Florence and she passed over on 28th jan 2013 i miss her all the time and today i was walking along saying to her how much i still love her and miss her, when we found the flowers i took them because i looked upon it as my mum sent them to me because of the name Florence, they look so lovely in my lounge and they are in Worthing now,what a lovely thought that was so kind of you to leave them and i thank you so much with all my heart, Colleen G xxx.”

“Thank you so much for your brilliant idea today . I am the proud owner of your lonely bouquet which I came across while out walking my dog this afternoon. I nearly walked on by but then read your note . Today would have been my late fathers Birthday and I always buy pink roses every year but I didn’t this time as I didn’t see any really nice ones. I was feeling a little sad this afternoon but finding the bouquet, with some pink roses literally felt heaven sent! So thank you so much for your fantastic idea today. I will certainly look after this fabulous bouquet xx”

“What a lovely find on my way home.from the gym this morning! Thank you ivyflorence.co.uk for this gift”

“So beautiful – you were irresistible! A south African by the name of Sabine found you while sheltering from the undecided English weather today 28.03.2016 – who took shelter under the porch of St.Swithuns Church. It was love at first sight – but thinking you were meant for the church – Sabine decided to go her way leaving you behind but something caught Sabine’s attention – there was something different about you – there was a note attached to you which read ‘A Loney Bouguet – Someone please pick me up and take me home. I need a new home!’ – A new home you have found indeed! I hope you feel at home in your new home & new surrounding. Your new surrounding is not your usual English home. You have landed in the home of a Pacific Islander of the South Pacific Islands. Here is how you found your new home. Sabine who found you is South African (from South Africa -here on vacation) – via Sabine you have entered the home of a Papua New Guinean (from the South Pacific Islands near Australia). From East Grinstead (England) via South African (from Africa) To a Papua New Guinean (Of the South Pacific). You are treasured & we welcome you into our home & will care for you for as long as you are willing to be with us. You have taken your place – as can be seen in the pictures below. You shall not feel out of place as – can be seen we are already a flower loving family. Our home is already full of flowers and fruits. We think you are happy here with us – because we sure do love you so so much as your beauty is irresistable. We have thanked God for you because as said – you brought us such happiness & more to be enjoyed in the days and weeks (we hope) to follow. And now to your designer/owner … Ivy Florence – the Florist of Ashurstwood,http://www.ivyflorence.co.uk/about/ ‘Thankyou’ Ivy Florence – for creating such a beautiful bouguet as you – the ‘A LONELY BOUGUET..’ you have made our day & brought such beauty pleasure and splendour to our humble home! Thankyou thankyou thankyou! We will visit you soon … http://www.ivyflorence.co.uk/about/

God bless ! with love from Anita, Sabine & family xx”


“Have just given your lonely bouquet a good home! I passed it whilst walking my dog just now and thought if it was still there on my return, it was meant for me! My previous arrangement was in desperate need of replacement. Perfect timing!Thank you for a lovely start to a wet Monday morning.”


“I found your beautiful bouquet on the bench near Jenner’s field in Lingfield. Having felt pretty sad recently, as it coming up to the anniversary of my Mums passing, it put a smile on my face. The snap dragons took me straight back to my childhood garden. Thank you.”


“We found this beautiful bouquet on ashdown forest yesterday (so pleased we did as these would not have lasted the frost)! What a lovely surprise! We parked up at friends car park and this bench was our half way point! We stopped for a hot drink and to enjoy some winter rays and left with this beautiful bunch of flowers. I can’t thank you enough. They are now on our kitchen windowsill taking pride of place. We all agreed that the flowers were stunning! Pictures to follow xx”