Ivy Florence has always been a dream of mine but became a reality when I left my job of 7 years within the exhibition industry to finally do what I’ve always wanted, work with flowers! After training at the Sussex Flower School with the amazing Georgia Miles, I gained the confidence to go it alone.

Flowers are in my blood. My great grandmother (Ivy Florence) taught all the women in my family everything about flowers. Her daughter, my grandmother, was a florist and all the women in the family are keen gardeners with extensive flower knowledge. There would never be a time you would walk into one of our houses and there not be a vase full of flowers somewhere!

Young Nanny Ivy


Flowers have always been important and dear to me. What a great way to make someone smile, bringing them stunning blooms full of beauty and scent! My style is taken from my love of flower textures along with the abundance of colours the seasons bring. This allows me to create designs which are individual, different and reflect the message the arrangement is trying to portray.

My dream is to deliver the gorgeousness of flowers to people at an affordable price. Beautiful, stunning designs that can act as a token of appreciation, a gift alongside another gift, a tribute for a loved one ending their journey or starting a new one or simply just to brighten up the home or make someone smile.

Jenna x